I attended two levels of Tamar’s classes and it was very effective. My English improved like never in my life. I obtained knowledge and always enjoyed the classes.

Robert / robertdarbinyan@mail.ru


I have never been at Tamarax center, I only did lessons by Skype, but it was like to be there. The atmosphere was pleasant, the lessons were funny. I had the chance to learn in a fun way. I didn’t improve immediately, but testing the writing and speaking skills with my customers abroad I was being able to listen to, speak to and write to. The English learning is a process. Sometimes you can feel bad, downhearted but it’s normal. The outcomes arrive if you do not give up. The teacher is perfect and always available anytime and ready to support your process always. I had the chance to learn about everything – life, work, etc. and I enjoyed doing it.

Luca Broccolo


I am Tigran Vardanyan and I work at the Police Department of Republic of Armenia. For more than three years I have been studying English at Tamarax. Believe it’s really cool. It seems the training is slow, but when comparing with what was at the beginning and what level it is now, then there is a great progress. Highly recommend it. In addition, to learn English and to communicate with a beautiful woman is a great pleasure.

Tigran Vardanyan/ vard.tigran@gmail.com


I am Edita Matevosyan and I studied at Tamarax level 2. It was very good. I liked that the teacher was very friendly with the students. I improved my English during the level 2 classes and I really recommend everyone to sign up for their classes.

Edita Matevosyan


I want to start to tell you about Tamar as a strong personality. She is very kind, understandable and wise woman. Every lesson we start from our news, and if something happens bad she always support me! I was very happy to start English lessons with her. It was really a good experience for me to learn English by Skype and practice it twice a week. Don’t forget to learn English by yourself besides Tamar Arax lessons!

Anna Saakyan